La filología


  • Rodolfo Oroz Universidad de Chile


Professor Oroz notes the need to differentiate between Philology and Linguistics. He quotes diverse opinions on philological works, specifying that it should deal with the critica! interpretation of t exts, which demands a previous study of the language, and particularly of certain disciplines which are proper to it, so as to reconstruct the vision of the author's world and times; from there the fact that the methods of literary investigation are based on philological methods. He acknowledges the prestige that Chile has in this field of studies, mainly due to foreigners who have settled in Chile, although we cannot as yet show much in the matter of editing critica! analyses of the works of writers ancient and modem, a task which is urgent, beginning by the updating of philological bibliographies.

Biografía del autor/a

Rodolfo Oroz, Universidad de Chile

Profesor Emérito de la Facultad de Filosofía, Humanidades y Educación de la Universidad de Chile. Director Honorario de la Academia Chilena de la Lengua del Instituto de Chile. Doctor en Filosofía por la Universidad de Leipzig. Ha entregado su capacidad y perseverancia a los estudios gramaticales, filológicos y lingüísticos, sobresaliendo respecto de los terceros sus específicos a portes a la Lingüística chilena. Dos de sus libros más significativos son edicion critica de la obra el vasauro de Pedro de Oña y La lengua castellana en Chile.